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Takes me back. Dude I was jammin along with my hand and feet.

22.Apr.14 7 hours ago

Tue-STEAK Tuesday!
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Tumblr celebrating Earth Day.

Try hovering over the earth icon.

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Doing Your Part on Earth Day with @litterati

For more of Jeff’s finds, follow @litterati on Instagram and contribute your own discoveries with the #litterati hashtag. To see more photos and videos from Earth Day celebrations around the world, browse the #earthday2014 and #earthday hashtags.

Spotting a piece of garbage in the woods during a walk with his young daughter sparked the inspiration for Jeff Kirshner’s project, @litterati.

"Seeing my daughter’s perplexed expression reminded me of when I was a kid at summer camp," explains Jeff. "Before our parents came to visit, our director made us each pick up five pieces of trash. So I thought, why not apply that same crowdsource­ cleaning model to the entire planet?"

Litterati introduces a social element to cleaning up garbage. The steps are simple:

  1. Find a piece of litter
  2. Photograph it with Instagram
  3. Add the “#litterati” hashtag
  4. Throw out, recycle or compost the litter

Your photo is then added to the digital landfill of cleaned-up garbage, and the people who see your photo in their feed are encouraged to participate as well.

To date, more than 40,000 pieces of garbage have been picked up across 45 countries. Visit to learn more about where litter accumulates and what items are most commonly found.

I got litter by the ton where I work. Leave your cameras at home and give me a bloody hand. #stopthepretentiousness

22.Apr.14 19 hours ago

I look at the pictures and I’m all like “Look at this photograph. Every time I see it, it makes me laugh”.

21.Apr.14 1 day ago


the new captain america trailer sure was weird

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Everybody! Shut UP!!!

17.Apr.14 5 days ago

Price: Arm and a Leg. F*ck you Ticketmaster.

Making A Purchase On Ticketmaster In Just 184 Easy Steps!


Don Giovanni Records is putting on a showcase at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn this weekend and has a pretty diverse lineup. On Friday, New York songstress Laura Stevenson will be headlining. And on Saturday, New Jersey hardcore band, Stormshadow, will be reuniting. I would like to attend both because I am a man of eclectic tastes, goddammit. Conveniently, I notice that there is a 2-day pass for only $20. I would like to purchase said pass. 


There doesn’t seem to an option to purchase both, so I click one of the ticket buttons.


Just one ticket please, I am a lone wolf (i.e. loser). Weird, there’s no option to buy both tickets. No worries, I guess I’ll just add one to my cart and then add the other one…


Ah, one of those verification things. Wait, but this one is confusing. Do you want me to solve it or just type the words? I didn’t come here to solve brainteasers so I type “spell this backwards: rorrim”…

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Yes. Yes. Ducking yes.

14.Apr.14 1 week ago

Fucking technologically incapable fucks!

Fuck You Ticketmaster/Livenation. Why you gotta be so fucking complicated and make it hard to see fucking bands. You have the most blegh-looking people at the box office, your website sucks my ass and I swear if you try to stick an $18.00 subscription to Entertainment Weekly plus the $200.00 I’ve spent on tickets I will unlike you from Facebook.

14.Apr.14 1 week ago