Fall Out Boy Was cool.

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Tonight’s selection feature Coldplay. Time to smile and laugh again.

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Never thought astronomy could be so cute.

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Dr. Gunther von Hagens bisects a frozen cadaver to exhibit the human airway.

Very cool.

Pardon the pun.

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Miguel Guerrero

I remember when I first met you. It was summer. Swimming pool. Just two kids having fun. Being kids and all. Then we hung out more often and essentially because best friends. Childhood friends. You only get one really.

And then as time went, we went our separate ways. But we still visited, like best friends do. I remember going to your house to watch cable tv, because at my house there was none. I remember you coming here to get away from your troubles. Whatever you had going on at school, you came here to vent. And like a good friend, I listened. Perhaps the only male friend I actually got along. We fancied the same things, from Legos to Music. And then had our moments of disagreements. But we were always friends.

And now that you’re gone, I see how delicate life can be. And how I shouldn’t cast anyone away. No one knows when I will see those others again, but I know I will never see you again. What’s worse is that you probably felt alone in your moment, but when we leave this earth, we leave alone. And there is no confirmation in the afterlife but we are encouraged to believe it exist. To ease the pain of death. Pain from fear. Fear of loss. You were my greatest friend, Mickey. All I have left now are memories. Life isn’t eternal, but you were all too young to have left so early. And now, my most sincere condolences for your family, Rest In Peace.

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Found this for $0.00 this weekend. They just gave it to me. Free is always good, even if your rich. #bose #sounddock

Someone find my a post with EVERY Pixar movie ever made up until now, I will Reblog it faster than you can say “Reblog”. Also, include every non-Pixar 3D movie. (Ex: Meet The Robinsons, Bolt, Wreck It Ralph)

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First attempt at making deep fried empanadas.









… with different degrees of struggles that we’re implemented by the pale skin via conquests using weapons such as warfare, religion indoctrination, and oppression. And then after pale skin set systems like this into our society, they go around and say things like “We are all human” and confuse “racism” with “prejudice” so that they can keep the system the same way for many years to come.

Shots fired.

More like you morons completely forget your ancestors did the same damn shit and then try to change the definition of words to exempt yourself from criticism. 

Yes because PoC have set up a system where People of Color have ~poc privilege~, don’t confuse “racism” and “prejudice”.

Actually yes they have. 

Racism against whites article. 

Study on anti-white attitudes. 

White kid driven to suicide by Asian gang.

Murdered for supporting Obama while being white.

Raped and stoned to death for being white.

Raped and murdered for being white.

Teenager killed for being white.

Mobs of black criminals attack white neighborhoods nationwide. 

4 month crime wave justifies by venting against whites.


Genocide of whites.

Another white genocide.

Rape Jihads

The knoxville horror.

No go zones for non Muslims.

Pearcy Massacre.

Whichita Massacre.

White girl turned into Kabobs.

Being too white.

The zebra killings.

List of black on white crimes.

Racial fueled crime statistics.

Misclassifying murderers as white.

Mayans and Aztecs weren’t carving people’s hearts outs of their chests for the gods.

The Mongols killing at least 30,000,000 people?

Along with Mao and his death toll

Armenian genocide at the hands of the Turkish?

Japanese Empire raping, killing, and looting all over the Pacific? 

Native Americans being tribes of warrior societies who constantly fought each other? 

Iroquois tribes being imperialistic land grabbing machines of brutality? 

Yuan-Ming dynasty transition? 

Qing conquering of the Ming dynasty?

Taiping Rebellion? 

An Lushan Rebellion? .

Congo wars? 

Somalian Civil War? 

Nigerian Civil War?


Nairobi Mall attack? 

Cambodian Genocide? 

Benghali Genocide? 

Arab Empire:
Map of expansion of Caliphate.svg

Turkish Empire:

Mongol Empire:

Hunnic Empire:

Japanese Empire:

Persian Empire:

Don’t forget that other countries besides America exist, and damn sure don’t change the definition of fucking words, you dumb cunt. 

Well look at that.

The weirdest thing about all of this stuff is they seem to think prejudice is fine. Diet racism. Racism lite. Skim racism.

This is how racist Tumblr is.

Not only do they have such an Americanized view of history and the world but they apply it to everything, where the world thing ever in the world was the white people claiming First Nation’s land and enslaving Africans (and yes, those are awful things, but other nations have done similar).

Not only that, they act like if you aren’t white, you were fucking helpless little lambs for all of history, incapable of evil, brutality or violence.  They’re treating entire ethnic groups like children, free of responsibility because of their skin color.  Only white people are apparently ‘worthy’ enough respect to be judged by their actions.

Amen /b/rother.

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whoever did this is a monster.


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