Everybody! Shut UP!!!

17.Apr.14 3 days ago


Wait what the hell is that room way in the back on the ground floor?

Did I miss something in the last 25 years?

Simpsons-fag here.
It is the infamous rumpus room. Never actually shown in any of the 25 seasons. Just, believe it’s there!!!

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17.Apr.14 3 days ago

Price: Arm and a Leg. F*ck you Ticketmaster.

Making A Purchase On Ticketmaster In Just 184 Easy Steps!


Don Giovanni Records is putting on a showcase at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn this weekend and has a pretty diverse lineup. On Friday, New York songstress Laura Stevenson will be headlining. And on Saturday, New Jersey hardcore band, Stormshadow, will be reuniting. I would like to attend both because I am a man of eclectic tastes, goddammit. Conveniently, I notice that there is a 2-day pass for only $20. I would like to purchase said pass. 


There doesn’t seem to an option to purchase both, so I click one of the ticket buttons.


Just one ticket please, I am a lone wolf (i.e. loser). Weird, there’s no option to buy both tickets. No worries, I guess I’ll just add one to my cart and then add the other one…


Ah, one of those verification things. Wait, but this one is confusing. Do you want me to solve it or just type the words? I didn’t come here to solve brainteasers so I type “spell this backwards: rorrim”…

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Yes. Yes. Ducking yes.

14.Apr.14 5 days ago

Fucking technologically incapable fucks!

Fuck You Ticketmaster/Livenation. Why you gotta be so fucking complicated and make it hard to see fucking bands. You have the most blegh-looking people at the box office, your website sucks my ass and I swear if you try to stick an $18.00 subscription to Entertainment Weekly plus the $200.00 I’ve spent on tickets I will unlike you from Facebook.

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More like Regular-Sized Bobby Hill.

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Funny photos by Mike Stimpson

All images © Mike Stimpson

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Observing Day of Silence on Instagram

For more from the 19th Annual Day of Silence, browse the #dayofsilence hashtag and visit the GLSEN website.

Friday marked the 19th Annual Day of Silence, a movement in schools and universities to call attention to the issue of LGBT bullying and harassment among youth.

Organized by the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN), the day is marked by teens spending the day in silence as a symbol of the “silencing effect of anti-LGBT bias and behavior.” The organization estimates that hundreds of thousands of LGBT and allied students at more than 8,000 schools participated in the event this year, many wearing shirts, stickers or pins to explain their reason for silence.

J’ai eu le ruban adhésif sur la bouche, d’abord!

12.Apr.14 1 week ago

Tumblr is a hate free zone.

I am waiting in my dark room, watching Naty sleeping. Mind, racing with thoughts again.

In recent events, I came to the realization that I don’t want to meet “new” people. This imperfection that we carry is now often tossed around like an excuse to allegedly fuck up. I hate that expression, “I’m not perfect…” I am trying to aim for it, but along the way I encounter someone who contradicts my logic, axiomatic logic to just “do what’s right”. In which case logic dictates I finish my fucking argument, and then you get to have your turn.

Moving on.

I realize I don’t want to meet new people, because it is a hassle trying to get them to open up. Frankly I don’t care about that anymore. I’m really reserved. I feel like that is what has contributed to 9% of the success my current relationship has. I don’t go about telling a third party how I do things, when I do things. It’s just me and her, and when it’s not, it’s her parents. But going on to why I don’t want to meet new people. Imperfections, like the ones you might encounter when you go to a church youth group and you see some desperate 16 yr old waiting to see when she can sit on your dick. Or have just any other guy hit on your girl in their very “cleverly” disguised way. I cannot say I’m not guilty of that. I went to church one time after a long time, and we’ll, here we are. But I didn’t take her away from that whole thing. If anything, we want to go back. To a different church. For the message. Wisdom. Not to make friends… Too close friends. You see, even in those groups, there are those many folk who live outside of that said word of God. For instance, there is my gf’s sister-in-law whom has her brother working like a dog for shit she likes. A new Nissan Altima, iPhone 5S (gold) variant, and of course the clothes and shoes to her every desire. Her utter stupidity would say they are blessings and she’d should wear them with pride; but I know it’s just another snake making her way through a fool. And that’s just the surface, you guys know how this goes. And that’s just her out of the many other faces you see greeting you while they talk all sorts of shit outside of the house of God. I my self am not really a church person, but I know how to be respectful.

When you meet new people there are those many layers you have to get through to get where you want to be. And when you’re not going through those many layers, there are those who open up more than they should. They later guilt trip you implying one was close like a best friend and/or brother/sis. I saw this pattern repeating itself. Every crowd you go to, there are those who are fascinated by you, they want everything to do with you. And yeah there are those who you might be tempted by. Simple things like looking at her ass, looking at his style. The physical stuff. You don’t want anymore to do with them because you know your limits. When you’re younger, of course, you do as you please. Which is why you have 200+ friends from different crowds of friends where 1 or 2 are mutual between crowds. And out of those you have the one you’d like to smash, and the one who wants to smash you. Some liberal type of people believe we are all “young wild and free” and should engage in a polyamorous relationship. The excuse, “we are all descendants from animals and it’s in our nature, ect”. I cannot fathom at how much I hate this. This ideology, so boring and dull. How exactly does that life differ from the other chick across the bar eying you thinking and believing her life revolves around this concept and only her alone lives her life like so. I get tired of seeing these type of people where I work, where I eat and even where I sleep. The human condition is a really fucked up one. I don’t want to hear everyone’s story. I have my own to follow. And yes, even with this fruitful relationship I have, I still feel the need to have someone else, but not in a physical way. The one whom was there to want to listen to me when I was to stupid talking about the other. If I could have her in my life, well, I wouldn’t sabotage my relationship for her, but I would want to make her feel special just one more time. Other than that, I don’t want anyone else. No curiosity. No what if’s.

11.Apr.14 1 week ago