Bite the Bullet

Dear Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram…

22.Aug.14 5 hours ago

My girlfriend just washed my jeans with my iPod inside the pocket. What do?

Everything is uninteresting now

It’s like now I feel like everything or anything that people do is uninteresting. We post pictures and all but the fact is, it’s a mere attempt for attention and knowing this just frustrates me more when I do it. Why? What’s there to know about me? Everything is more or less the same. With different tastes of course. This is gonna be my rant for today. I’m just gonna run my words. It’s an incredible dull day. I have no cokes, no munchies to snack on. There is no immediate hurry for anything right now. When I see people online complain about a life outside of basic fucking needs, it frustrates me. It infuriates me how some folk revolve around a concept of being loved and that missing piece. Am I saying it because I have a steady companion? Sometimes I wish I had my free time but I’ve gotten so used to things right now, I don’t quite miss anything from the past. I like my things and my peers at the moment. They’re quite minimal but that’s the way I like it. (A-huh a-huh). The little things people don’t need but so desperately crave attention. Pretentiousness. We get in these comfort zones where we feel nothing physical can hurt us when we feel like our emotional side is too overwhelming. This state of being broken hearted which drives people to think “nothing else matters but you”. Give it up. You want my advice, it’s messier when you have a kid. Now not only do you have yourself to let down but an infant/child whom will grow up to be his own but still broken. Because two adults cannot agree. But in real life, they come whether parents agree or disagree. This manifestation of questions. “So are we good?”, “what’s your deal?”, “why…?”

We humans are a disgusting kind. Mentally we are evolving. In a sense that even the dumbest, strive to somehow scam the articulate. It’s a mechanism of society, that technology makes us available to every possible scenario. Whether it’s social or just a night alone, and people know this. And only then will they speak to you if it’s convenient. I’ve seen some pretty clever people fall short of wisdom. To which I conclude, it is a desire to start conflict. If “we’re not talking” someday it will be spoken of why? And one party may favor solitude and “break it off” because it’s convenient. It’s a game of how far we can go with he shit. And no couples do it to. As a shoulder to cry on, is only a few digital words away. That comfort that we never let go. That comfort that makes everything so dull. Because there are less risk takers. And the only thing that is valuable to some, is status. The privacy that begs to be question, the ingenuity that favors to be destroyed, the wisdom that is now forever challenged. These are the concepts of humans. To want to have a desire for conflict. Like wars, and mental traumas, and emotional heartbreaks; it’s 2014, we get it.

20.Aug.14 1 day ago

Every time I see this fucking comment I cringe internally and want to punch the left tit of the bitch who writes this shit.

How’s your night? #wingstop

It’s isn’t much, it’s not even an accomplishment, it’s not even the greatest thing. But something as simple as a decent phone, so beautifully crafted and carved; is more of a satisfaction than those who just expect these things to exist. It is that much attention to detail, that makes it so enjoyable, when you work hard for something you genuinely want.


The violent reaction between Aluminium and Iodine catalysed in water.

I stared at this for 2 minutes waiting for it to finish.

(via neuro-genesis)


New Nickelback 👊

13.Aug.14 1 week ago

Finally, Kingpin.